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Softball Game Updates

May 27, 2010

On May 10th the final score against Redford Grill & Bar was 3 – 15.  Despite the weather not cooperating, SWAT had a strong beginning and ended up with some errors that turned the tide of the game and did not allow them to come back and finish strong. 

 In another down pour on May 17th, SWAT played against Yardbirds.  The final score was 5 – 12.  Although the score seems misleading, Yardbirds scored most of their runs in the first two innings.  SWAT settled down and started to play.  Yuliette Gonzalez found her rhythm and was able to pitch a decent game during the down pour.  Inning after inning, SWAT continued to make play after play on defense.   Bethany Decker started a spark with a BEAUTIFUL line drive in the 3rd inning, and SWAT scored 2 runs during that spark.  In the last inning, another rally was started and SWAT scored 3 more runs, but the rally fell short.

 May 24th found SWAT playing against Live Wires, FINALLY, in GORGEOUS weather!!   With a strong start that brought another AWESOME double play by JoJo Skowzgird in the early innings, and scoring two runs.  As the game progressed, SWAT struggled with errors on defense, but towards the last inning another rally was almost started offensively and brought in a run, but still fell short and the final score was 3 – 15.

 DAD SWAT is now 1 – 4.  Week after week and play after play finds this young team coming together and improving each week.  SWAT is off this coming up Monday due to Memorial Weekend.  June 7 brings in a double-header starting at 7:35.  SWAT will be playing again at 8:40.  Please come out and show your support for SWAT and DAD!!

The 5K Walk / 10K Run Fundraiser Pictures

May 27, 2010

The 5K Walk and 10K Run Women’s Softball Team fundraiser was a huge success. There will be more updates as the pictures are being sort through. The proceeds from the fundraiser will help develop an athletic program for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Kids of Deaf Adult (KODA) children for next year 2011.

The day started out as a rainy and gloomy. Supporters brought their family and friends and it turned out to be a sunny day in the afternoon. The 10K Run had to be cut in 1/2 because Hines Drive was flooded in some parts and at the end of the 3 mile marker for the run. Runners had the option to turn around at the 1.55 turn-around-point, head back to the start point and circle around again to complete their 6.2 mile run.

Kudos! to all of you for make this event a huge success. Everyone did an amazing job, be proud of yourselves.

Hey – did the duck pay? No freebies allowed!

The Packet Pickup all ready to pass out to people

Healthy Treats for the Walkers / Runners

Packet Pick up Crew – Bethany, Karen, Judy, Di, Liza, Tim

Yuliette and Heba

Oh my hair!!! Will it frizz?

Thanks! Absopure! for your donation!

People picking up their packets

I’m so excited! I can’t wait to walk

Time Recorder Crew (for the runners)

Cool Running Shoes!

Hello People! Pay Attention!! Karen Groth waiting

to explain the Fundraiser and what to expect 

“The Quiet before the Walk / Run”

IT’S OFFICIAL! At 10:10 A.M. the 10K Run starts

The runners

You want me to do what?!

5K Walkers getting ready to start

…and……… they’re off!

Late start

I can’t decide if this is nerve-wracking or I’m hungry?

The Picnic Crew – Megan, Shelly and Jamie

Setting up before the lunch crowd comes

Sean Forbes – D-PAN Sponsor

People waiting for the runners and walkers to come back

Daniel Beaver turning around at the start point to

complete his 6.2 mile run

Another runner comes in

Children getting their exercise too!

Yay! I finished!

Walkers starting to come back in to the finish point

Checking to make sure peeps are ok

Just walking along – getting close to the finish point

DAD President Carol Schlorff – “I DID IT!!”

Serious contenders

More walkers coming in

DAD Board of Governor – Dale Decker –


People waiting for the picnic to start


Hamburger or Hot Dog?

SHHHH……   I’m getting seconds

Thanks again, to all the sponsors and people who supported this event. Thank you Carrie Montoney for taking all the pictures.

DAD SWAT Game 2 Won!

May 3, 2010

DAD SWAT won tonight against Northwest Fellowship.  The final score 13 – 12.  Heba Samona started off the game at pitching and half way through the inning she was relieved by Yuliette Gonzalez who pitched for the first time.  Heba moved to second base position and was a huge asset in preventing balls from going into the outfield and blocked the opposing team from scoring any major runs.  Yuliette did a great job in keeping  her cool during the game and had several strikeouts later on in the game.

 Jo-Jo Skowzgird continues to play awesome at third base. At the top of the 5th inning, with all the bases loaded, she snagged a key line drive that prevented Northwest Fellowship from scoring more runs.  A triple by Judy Shepherd in the last inning helped DAD SWAT score more runs to win the game. 

Kudos to everyone keeping their composure in the game and everyone was successful in making key plays that helped win the game.

Come see us play softball May 10th at 6:30 – at the Redford Claude Allison Field on Beech Daly Road between 7 and 6 Mile road.  We will be on Field 1 and playing against the team Redford Grill and Bar.

DAD SWAT vs. Duffy’s Game 04-19-2010

April 21, 2010

First game started off with everyone being excited and standing around shivering. The temperatures were in the low 50’s and many came baring legs and arms – no warm clothes. Team met with Karen to go over some rules and signs for the game. Some words of encouragment were shared and Karen’s number one rule – relax and have fun.

The first game with Duffy’s started off without any hitches.

In the 2nd inning,  an awesome play by Jo Jo who played at 3rd base – snagged a line drive and got the runner out at 2nd base. Awesome double play.

First DAD Women’s Softball Team Photo

April 21, 2010

Some team members were not available at the time of the team photo, we will re-take the picture when everyone is available. This is the photo shot as of 4-19-2010.

Back row from left to right – Karen Groth – Coach, Jo Jo Skowzgrid, Liza O’Jack, Glynnis McSpadden, Jillian Coatsworth, Susan Lundy, ShellyHarmon – Assistant Coach

Middle row from left to right – Lindsey Wiegand, Diane Stepchuk, Jamie Maes-Eischen, Christina Markou-Harucki, Heba Samona

Bottom row from left to right – Megan Nairne, Judy Shepherd, Yuliette Gonzalez

Map to Nankin Mills Park for May 22, 2010 5K Walk / 10K Run Fundraiser

April 6, 2010


April 6, 2010



DAD Women's Softball 5k Walk / 10K Run Registeration Form



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